Twelve MLB Teams Win the Lottery

Baseball’s first-ever “Competitive Balance Lottery” was completed today.

To recap, the idea here is to award extra draft choices each year to the teams who are most likely to lose veteran free agent players to a higher bidder…a chance to have young talent at the ready, should a player choose to leave.

Six teams won a pick at the conclusion of the first round in next June’s draft, and six teams won a pick at the conclusion of the second round.  Two teams were eligible for the lottery, but did not win a pick.  Here are the results:

(In the order they will pick)

Round One

  • Kansas City
  • Pittsburgh
  • Arizona
  • Baltimore
  • Cincinnati
  • Miami

Round Two

  • San Diego
  • Cleveland
  • Colorado
  • Oakland
  • Milwaukee
  • Detroit

No Pick Awarded

    • St Louis
    • Tampa Bay


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