2015 MLB Mock Draft 3.0

1. Arizona – Carson Fulmer – RHP – Vanderbilt
2. Houston – Brendan Rodgers – SS – Lake Mary HS (FL)
3. Colorado – Dansby Swanson – 2B/SS – Vanderbilt
4. Texas – Dillon Tate – RHP – UC Santa Barbara
5. Houston – Kyle Tucker – OF – Plant HS, (FL)
6. Minnesota – Tyler Jay – LHP – Illinois
7. Boston – Alex Bregman – Shortstop – LSU
8. Chicago White Sox – Jon Harris – RHP – Missouri State
9. Chicago Cubs – Andrew Benintendi – OF – Arkansas
10.Philadelphia – Walker Buehler – RHP – Vanderbilt
11.Cincinnati – Daz Cameron – Outfield – Eagle Landing HS (GA)
12.Miami – Trenton Clark – Outfield – Richland HS (TX)
13.Tampa Bay – James Kaprelian – RHP – UCLA
14.Atlanta – Tyler Stephenson – C – Kennesaw Mountain HS (GA)
15.Milwaukee – Kolby Allard – LHP – San Clemente HS (CA)
16.New York Yankees – Kyle Funkhouser – RHP – Louisville
17.Cleveland – Mike Nikorak – RHP – Stroudsburg HS (PA)
18.San Francisco – Ashe Russell – RHP – Cathedral HS (IN)
19.Pittsburgh – Phil Bickford – RHP – College of Southern Nevada
20.Oakland – Ian Happ – 2B/OF – Cincinnati
21.Kansas City – Cornelius Randolph – SS – Griffin HS, (GA)
22.Detroit – Garrett Whitley – OF- Niskayuna NY, HS
23.St Louis – Kevin Newman – SS – Arizona
24.LA Dodgers – Donny Everett – RHP – Clarksville HS, (TN)
25.Baltimore – Chris Betts – C/1B – Wilson HS, (CA)
26.LA Angels – Brady Aiken – LHP – IMG Academy

2015 MLB Mock Draft 2.0

1. Arizona – Brendan Rodgers – Shortstop – Lake Mary HS (FL)
2. Houston – Nathan Kirby – LHP – Virginia
3. Colorado – Dansby Swanson – 2B/SS – Vanderbilt
4. Texas – Kyle Funkhouser – RHP – Louisville
5. Houston – Walker Buehler – RHP – Vanderbilt
6. Minnesota – Justin Hooper -LHP – De La Salle HS (CA)
7. Boston – Brady Aiken – LHP – No School
8. Chicago White Sox – Carson Fulmer – RHP – Vanderbilt
9. Chicago Cubs – Michael Matuella – RHP – Duke
10.Philadelphia – Daz Cameron – Outfield – Eagle Landing HS (GA)
11.Cincinnati – Ian Happ – 2B/OF – Cincinnati
12.Miami – Phil Bickford – RHP – Southern Nevada JC
13.Tampa Bay – Alex Bregman – Shortstop – LSU
14.Atlanta – Trenton Clark – Outfield – Richland HS (TX)
15.Milwaukee – Chris Betts – C/1B – Wilson HS (CA)
16.New York Yankees – Ashe Russell – RHP – Cathedral HS (IN)
17.Cleveland – Nick Plummer – Outfield – Brother Rice HS (MI)
18.San Francisco – Jake Lemoine – RHP – Houston
19.Pittsburgh – Kolby Allard – LHP – San Clemente HS (CA)
20.Oakland – Mike Nikorak – RHP – Stroudsburg HS (PA)
21.Kansas City – Kyle Cody – RHP – Kentucky
22.Detroit – James Kaprelian – RHP – UCLA
23.St Louis – Tyler Jay – LHP – Illinois
24.LA Dodgers – DJ Stewart – 1B/OF – Florida State
25.Baltimore – Dillon Tate – RHP – UC Santa Barbara
26.LA Angels – Cody Ponce – RHP – Cal Poly Pomona

2015 MLB Mock Draft

1. Arizona – Brendan Rodgers – Shortstop – Lake Mary HS (FL)
2. Houston – Kolby Allard – LHP – San Clemente HS (CA)
3. Colorado – Kyle Funkhouser – RHP – Louisville
4. Texas – Walker Buehler – RHP – Vanderbilt
5. Houston – Dansby Swanson – 2B/SS – Vanderbilt
6. Minnesota – Nathan Kirby – LHP – Virginia
7. Boston – Brady Aiken – LHP – No School
8. Chicago White Sox – Daz Cameron – Outfield – Eagle Landing HS (GA)
9. Chicago Cubs – Carson Fulmer – RHP – Vanderbilt
10. Philadelphia – Nick Plummer – Outfield – Brother Rice HS (MI)
11. Cincinnati – Ian Happ – 2B/OF – Cincinnati
12. Miami – Justin Hooper -LHP – De La Salle HS (CA)
13. Tampa Bay – Alex Bregman – Shortstop – LSU
14. Atlanta – Kyle Cody – RHP – Kentucky
15. Milwaukee – Phil Bickford – RHP – Southern Nevada JC
16. New York Yankees – Michael Matuella – RHP – Duke
17. Cleveland – Ashe Russell – RHP – Cathedral HS (IN)
18. San Francisco – Jake Lemoine -RHP – Houston
19. Pittsburgh – Trenton Clark – Outfield – Richland HS (TX)
20. Oakland – Chris Betts – C/1B – Wilson HS (CA)
21. Kansas City – Mike Nikorak – RHP – Stroudsburg HS (PA)
22. Detroit – James Kaprelian – RHP – UCLA
23. St Louis – Tyler Jay – LHP – Illinois
24. LA Dodgers – DJ Stewart – 1B/OF – Florida State
25. Baltimore – Dillon Tate – RHP – UC Santa Barbara
26. LA Angels – Cody Ponce – RHP – Cal Poly Pomona

I Spent a Thousand Summer Nights Listening to Bob Uecker

I was blessed, I grew up a baseball fan in Wisconsin, in the last days when all games were on the radio, but few were televised. I tuned in every night, and I was treated to Bob Uecker.

That’s what I call getting lucky!

-Todd Coppernoll

“I knew when my career was over. In 1965 my baseball card came out with no picture.”

-Bob Uecker

BitB Interview with Josh Kusnick – “Then one day, a player said, ‘If you buy me a glove, you’re my agent.'”

I’ve gotten to know Josh Kusnick, who is a player agent, currently representing about twenty professional baseball players.  Josh was the youngest agent ever certified by Major League Baseball – admittedly learning as he went, and learning from mistakes along the way, Josh now has more than ten years in the business.

Josh is an approachable, engaging man who doesn’t hesitate to stir up baseball conversation, or to tell you how he feels.  I spoke with him by phone yesterday, here’s what he had to say…

BitB: Josh, thanks for doing this, are you ready to go?

Josh:  “Absolutely.”

BitB: You started as an agent so young, in your early twenties – that just doesn’t happen – tell me how you did it?

Josh: “I was younger, I didn’t know better, and I just did things.  I love the fans, I love baseball and the history of the game, and I just did things.  I used to post on message boards all the time, to talk up my guys, you never see agents do things like that, but I did.  I started posting on Brewerfan.net when I was 24, and I loved it.  I’m the only agent who does things like that, I’m accessible, I’m on Twitter, my email address is easy to find, and I write for Baseball Prospectus.  It’s just a different approach, and it came from starting young, and just trying things.”

BitB:  To get into the game so young, and get players and teams to take you seriously, you had to have a way in, how did you do that?

Josh: “When I was 14, my dad and I started going to minor league games in the Florida State League, and I saw a lot of great players come through there.  Roy Halladay, Scott Rolen, Adrian Beltre, Vladimir Guerrero, a lot of great players.  I noticed that you can get close to minor league players, you can’t get near the major league guys, but minor league players are much more accessible, and they appreciate the attention, so I decided instead of getting a real job in high school, I’d start a business selling player autographs.  I was an autograph hound, and I’d sell the autographs, so of course, I wanted to get things signed by the best players.  That led me to gravitate towards the guys who had been higher draft picks, and the more talanted players.

I noticed that the scouts always sat behind the plate, so I started to sit over there, and I would talk to them.  One of the guys I got to know was Joe Butler, who’s with the White Sox.  Joe’s been in the game a long time, and he’s done a great job.  One day he gave me his card, I wound up doing low-level intern work for him – bird dogging.  I was doing fact checking, real basic stuff, but I started to learn.  I got to know a lot of great people, guys like Jack Zduriencik, who was a fantastic Scouting Director, and Reid Nichols, guys I formed good relationships with, they all helped me, and I was able to learn.”

BitB: How did you take that and turn it into a career as an agent?

Josh: “I started hanging around, talking to players, trying to get them to make me their agent, and one day I was at a Jupiter Hammerheads game, and a player finally said, ‘If you buy me a glove, you’re my agent.'”

BitB:  No way, that did not happen…

Josh: (laughs), “That’s exactly how it happened.  This 26-year-old player who still lived with his parents told me I had to meet his parents and talk to them, but if it was ok with them, I could be his agent.  He hired me, and I caught some dumb luck – he made it to the big leagues, which was how I became certified so quickly.”

BitB:  Who was that player?

Josh: “Carmen Cali.  He was a left-handed reliever, he didn’t have a long big league career, but he got there, he pitched for St Louis and Minnesota.”

“I’ll never forget it, I met Carmen and his parents at a Cracker Barrel in the middle of nowhere and after we talked, he hired me as his agent.  I was only 21,  and I said the dumbest thing ever, looking back on it, I can’t believe he hired me after I said what I did, I’ve never said anything like it again, and I can’t believe I did it.  I said, ‘I love hockey, baseball’s not really my thing.’  Oh well, live and learn, I was young, and it just sort of came out, I look back and laugh now.”

BitB: Josh, that’s why I wanted to tell this story…you’re a kid, you decide to start an autograph business because you can get close to minor league players, then you notice where the scouts sit, so you go over there, then you do some entry-level work, and you wind up as an agent because you bought a guy a glove, and his parents said it was ok.  I don’t think people realize things like that really can happen, if you just go for what you want.  I just love the story.

You’ve come a long way since Cracker Barrel, Josh, I know you represent Michael Brantley, he’s your first guy who really broke through…

Josh:  “Michael is a great guy, he was a groomsman in my wedding.  I met Michael at a workout in Tallahassee, and I met his mom.  Michael hired me when he was in AA.”

BitB: Michael was in the Brewers organization then, and he wound up as the Player to be Named Later in the CC Sabathia trade, tell me about that…

Josh: “The deal was, if the Brewers missed the playoffs, the Player to be Named would be Taylor Green, who is another one of my guys, and if the Brewers made the playoffs, it was Michael Brantley.  The Brewers made it, and Michael has really blossomed in Cleveland.  The Brewers got what they wanted at the time, but I’m sure they wish they had Michael back.”

“At the time, I represented Michael, Lorenzo Cain and Darren Ford, who were all excellent center field prospects.  The Brewers traded all three, Cain went in the deal for Zack Greinke, and Darren Ford went to the Giants for Ray Durham.  All three of them played in the big leagues for their new teams, and the Brewers wound up having to trade for Carlos Gomez to fill center field.  If Gomez hadn’t fallen out of the sky, that would have been an interesting situation.”

“Michael made it, and got paid, Darren got a World Series ring with the 2010 Giants, and Lorenzo is in the big leagues with Kansas City.”

BitB: Josh, the last time we talked, you told me about one of your clients, who has made huge strides this year, in the Toronto Blue Jays system…

Josh: “Yes, that’s right, Dalton Pompey.  Dalton was Toronto’s 16th-round-pick in 2010.  He won the Minor League Gold Glove last year for center fielders, but this year, he’s really grabbing attention.  Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus called him the best prospect in baseball, and Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports called him the best prospect in A-Ball.  He’s a kid other teams were in on, the Brewers were one, but he lasted until the 16th round, and it all worked out for him; he’s from Toronto, so going to the Blue Jays is a great story.  He’s got a great makeup, and a great support system, he’s from a great family, so he’s got every chance to make it.  This is a big year for Dalton, it’s his 40-Man-Year, he should be added to Toronto’s 40-man, and he’ll probably play in the Futures Game.”

BitB: That’s a great example of how inexact the baseball draft is, there you have  a 16th-round pick outplaying guys who were drafted much higher than he was.

Josh: “It happens all the time, Brandon Nimmo was the Mets’ first-round pick in 2011, they took him right ahead of Jose Fernandez – he didn’t even play high school baseball.”

BitB:  See, that makes no sense to me, not only that a kid like that went so high, but how did the Mets even find him.

Josh: “Travel ball.  You just never know.”

BitB: One thing about Fernandez, its been reported that he told teams he would only sign with the Marlins, otherwise he’d go play college ball at Miami.

Josh:  “I didn’t know that, I know Jason Heyward did that when he came out, he’s from Atlanta and he told teams he wanted to sign with the Braves.”

“I don’t work the draft anymore, unless there are special circumstances – I just don’t like the process.”

BitB:  You don’t like the draft process – why not?

Josh: “Everyone lies.”

BitB: “Everyone?”

Josh: “It’s like playing poker, people will say anything.  I prefer veteran scouts, there are a lot of young scouts now who will go to a kid’s house and tell him the team is going to take him in a specific round, but they don’t have any authority.  Then the kid slides, and even though he gets drafted, he’s crushed.  I just don’t like the process, so I only work on the draft if it’s a referral, or some special circumstance.”

“I used to work with a lot more players, but I downsized, I once had 17 players in the Brewers system alone, now I’m working with a total of about 20 players.  I can focus more this way on getting endorsement deals for my guys, which is something I’m really good at – I say that with no hyperbole.”

BitB: The last time I talked to you, you told me about one of those Brewers farmhands from that era, tell me what’s going on with Zach Braddock.

Josh:  “Braddock cruised through the minor leagues, a left-hander who threw 95-97, but he had a medical issue, (narcolepsy), and things didn’t work out for him.  I’m trying to get him signed, he’s back throwing 91-93, and he’s still only 26 – lefties like that don’t grow on trees.  He’s healthy now, so you’d think someone would want to give him a chance, but so far that hasn’t happened.  He may have to sign in “indy ball”, I had hoped he could avoid that, but he may have to go that route, to get back.  There’s no doubt he’s healthy now, and ready to go.”

BitB: Do you have any of the younger guys in the Brewers system right now?

Josh: “Brandon Diaz.  Diaz is a player Brewers fans should be excited about, he can really play.  He played second base in high school, and I wish he could play there in pro ball, but right now he’s playing center field.  That’s a kid who’s got a great chance to make it.  He’s got the skills, he comes from a great place, and he works out in the off-season with guys like Deven Marrero, and Eric Hosmer.  The Brewers really have something in Brandon.”

BitB: I know you have to go, you told me you’re headed out to a minor league game, who are you going to see?

Josh: “The Brevard County Manatees, and the St Lucie Mets.  I’ve got the starting pitcher for St Lucie, I try to get out and see my guys whenever I can, I think it’s very important to have a physical presence with the young guys.  When a player is in A-Ball, he’s not making any money yet, and it’s not easy, I think it’s important to be there physically for the guys.”

BitB: OK, Josh, I’ll let you go, let’s talk again soon.




MLB 2014 Mock Draft – Final Cut

OK MLB, let’s do this! Here’s my best shot at it…

1. Houston – Carlos Rodon, LHP, NC State  Houston’s system is loaded, and those kids are just starting to reach the big club now.  I say it’s Rodon, because he’ll move quickly, matching up with their other talent at the big league level.

2. Miami – Alex Jackson, C, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA  Jackson is perceived as the best bat in the draft, I’ll send him to Miami, who will still have plenty of good arms to pick from when their second pick comes up.

3. White Sox – Brady Aiken, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS, CA  Aiken could just as easily be the first player taken, and maybe he will be.  I think the White Sox will get Aiken or Rodon, and I think their scouting staff will all sleep with a smile that night.

4. Cubs – Aaron Nola, RHP, LSU – Nola doesn’t have the skills that make scouts drool, except for one – this man knows how to take the ball, and get batters out.  The Cubs will grab Nola, and he’ll reach Wrigley Field in 2016.

5. Minnesota – Tyler Kolek, RHP,  Shepherd HS, TX – Kolek is the opposite of Nola, Kolek can break 100 MPH, but he’s only 18, so he’ll take a little while to reach the major leagues.  The Twins will be lucky to get him at five.

6. Seattle – Nick Gordon, SS, Olympia HS, FL – Seattle is perpetually searching for offense, and the next Gordon in line is their best bet to find some with the sixth pick.

7. Philadelphia –  Kyle Freeland, LHP, Evansville – With the big club aging quickly, the Phillies could go with an arm or a bat to fill a need.  Freeland climbed the draft board all season long, and he’s a good fit for this pick.

8. Colorado – Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford – The Rockies will always need to develop as much pitching internally as they can, and in this spot, Newcomb is the best bet.  While others have suffered from injuries or inconsistency, Newcomb has done the job all season long.

9. Toronto – Trea Turner, SS, NC State – Turner’s stock has been up, down, and up again.  He’s one of the best college bats in this class, and he plays a premium position – Toronto’s picking again at 11, which is where they’ll take an arm.

10. Mets – Bradley Zimmer, OF, San Francisco – It could be Zimmer’s fellow college outfielder, Michael Conforto, but I’m going with Zimmer.  The Mets need bats, and a college bat probably makes the most sense, because they’ll want him in New York sooner than later.

11. Toronto – Touki Toussaint, RHP, Coral Springs Christian Academy HS, FL – Touki’s got velocity, athleticism, and a mix of pitches – what he doesn’t have is polish.  The Blue Jays already have an advanced bat in Trea Turner, so they’ll go with a young arm with upside, Toussaint it is.

12. Milwaukee – Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State – A catcher, who will actually remain a catcher, who can hit too.  There are several players the Brewers could go with in this spot, but I’m sending them Pentecost.  Max is a fairly safe pick, but he’s also a worthy choice who could help the Brewers for years.

13. San Diego – Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State – The Padres need bats, period.  Conforto can hit, and he won’t take five years to reach the big club.

14. San Francisco – Grant Holmes, RHP, Conway HS, SC – The Giants develop pitchers….meet the next one.

15. Angels – Kyle Schwarber, C/1B, Indiana – The Angels’ system needs…well…talent.  Schwarber can hit – why not him?

16. Arizona- Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Sandalwood HS, FL – At the moment, the Diamondbacks’ staff has allowed the most runs in the big leagues.  That doesn’t mean they have to take a pitcher here, but I can’t imagine anyone complaining if they do.  Welcome to the desert, Mr Reid-Foley.

17. Kansas City – Michael Chavis, 3B, Sprayberry HS, GA – “May I have a high-upside hitter who can also field a tough position with the 17th pick please?”  Why, yes, you may…Mr Chavis, report to Kansas City.

18. Washington Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina – A probable top-five pick before his injury, the Nationals will stash him and wait out his rehab from “Tommy John” surgery.

19. Cincinnati – Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt – Beede is, “The guy that fell”, he isn’t supposed to be there, but he is.  The Reds will gladly take him.

20. Tampa Bay – Monte Harrison, OF, Lee’s Summit HS, MO – Harrison could just as easily play football next season for the University of Nebraska, but he won’t…MLB pays much better.  If Harrison had focused solely on baseball, he might have gone in the top five this year.

21. Cleveland – Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State – In a year that’s light on bats, Gillaspie could surely go sooner than this, but all of the players ahead of him are equally deserving.  Cleveland grabs the young hitter, even though they could certainly use a top arm.

22. Dodgers – Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU – Finnegan slid as the draft drew nearer, but he belongs in the first round.

23. Detroit – Nick Burdi, RHP, Louisville – Burdi’s got a big fastball, he’s probably a future closer, which would suit Detroit just fine.

24. Pittsburgh – Derek Hill, OF, Elk Grove HS, CA – A skilled, well-rounded athlete – the Pirates don’t need a young outfielder right now, but Hill is too good to leave on the board.

25. Oakland – Jacob Gatewood, SS, Clovis HS, CA – Which one is he, the guy who will generate big power, or the guy who won’t make enough contact?  Oakland is the team that will find out, and if he pans out, the A’s will have gotten a player who had been projected as a top-five pick prior to this season.

26. Boston – Erick Fedde, RHP, UNLV – Fedde’s stock was on the rise when he got hurt, he may have been a top ten pick without the elbow injury.  I still think he’ll go in the first round, and the Red Sox can afford the risk, with another pick coming shortly.

27. St Louis – Ti’quan Forbes, SS, Columbia HS, MS – Forbes isn’t a lock for the first round, but he’s got a shot –  he’s a great athlete with power and speed.

28. Kansas City – Nick Howard, RHP, Virginia – The question was once, “Is he a hitter or a pitcher?”  Now, it’s, “Is he a starter, or a closer?”

29. Cincinnati – Luis Ortiz, RHP, Sanger HS, CA – A big kid with a big fastball.  I could see the Reds grabbing a bat here, but Ortiz is excellent value for this spot.

30. Texas – Braxton DavidsonOF/1B, TC Roberson HS, NC – Big lefty power…someone once told me the ball carries well in Arlington…

31. Cleveland – Kodi Medeiros, LHP,  Waiakea HS, HI – Lefty with a slider that makes batters cry.  The Indians need pitching, Medeiros is my guess.

32. Atlanta – Michael Gettys, OF, Gainesville HS, GA – Gettys has the tools you can’t teach – a big arm, and big speed.  The Braves grab the local boy.

33. Boston – Derek Fisher, OF, Virginia – A smooth lefty hitter, Fisher fought through a broken hamate bone this year.  He can swing it, the question is, as a prospect, is he a big deal, or a regular deal?

34. St Louis – AJ Reed, 1B, Kentucky – The young man can pitch, but he can also crush the ball.  Once drafted as a pitcher, this time he goes as a hitter.

35. Colorado – Mac Marshall, LHP, Parkview HS, GA – A true pitching prospect, Marshall throws a mix of pitches, and competes with hitters, rather than rocking and firing.

36. Miami – Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tullahoma HS, TN – A hard throwing lefty with command…Sheffield could easily go higher than this.  The “problem” is, there are a lot of great arms in this draft.  The Marlins will be happy to get Sheffield at 36.

37. Houston – Luke Weaver, RHP, Florida State –  Weaver is an advanced pitching prospect who had plenty of success at FSU.  His velocity dropped some this year, otherwise, he’s in the first round.

38. Cleveland – Spencer Adams, RHP, White County HS, GA – A tall, skinny kid, Adams is a solid athlete, but a raw pitcher.

39. Miami – Marcus Wilson, OF, Junipero Serra HS, CA – His best tool is his speed, but Wilson is solid across the board.

40. Kansas City – Scott Blewett, RHP, Charles W Baker HS, NY – Hard throwing, tall righty, like so many other pitchers this year, he could go higher than this.

41. Milwaukee – Forrest Wall, 2B, Orangewood Christian HS, FL – Wall can hit, and he can run.  A past shoulder injury has hurt his throwing arm, making him a second baseman.

Josh Beckett no-hits Phillies

BitB congratulates Dodgers right-hander Josh Beckett, who has just no-hit the Philadelphia Phillies!

MLB Power Rankings – May 22

Atlanta and Detroit don’t allow runs, while Oakland and Colorado score in bunches…what do you say, who’s number one?

1. Oakland – They’ve outscored their opponents by 99 runs – more than double Detroit’s second-best total of 49.
2. Detroit – They can score, they can pitch, and they can win on the road – an excellent team.
3. San Francisco – The injury bug is biting at the moment, but this team has balance, experience, and leadership.
4. Milwaukee – They’ve cooled, and they’re teetering as they’ve played through injuries, but still in first place.
5. St Louis – Finally getting a run of home games, the Cards have heated up.
6. Colorado – They can certainly score, we’ll see if they can hold the other guys down.
7. LA Angels – Even with Josh Hamilton out, they can still beat teams over the head.
8. Atlanta – Their pitchers give them a chance to win, but that all-or-nothing offense is going to be a problem.
9. LA Dodgers – Players have been in and out with injuries, and things haven’t clicked yet.
10. New York Yankees – The AL East is not scary this year, this first place team has major pitching concerns.
11. Washington – Bryce Harper, Adam LaRoche and Gio Gonzalez have all gone down, they’re just trying to tread water.
12. Toronto – The only positive run differential in the AL East, but they’ve also allowed the most runs in the division.
13. Miami – The loss of Jose Fernandez is a real shame, the Marlins win their home games, and they’re right in the mix.
14. Baltimore – The epitome of average so far – they score what they allow, so they win about half the time.
15. Minnesota – They’ve won seven of ten right now, but they allow too many runs to hang around all summer.
16. Kansas City – They’re right in the fight, their season could go either way. Can they score enough to get there?
17. Seattle – You can’t score big on the Mariners, if they get some hitting, they could be interesting.
18. Cincinnati – Injuries have messed with this team from day one. They’re trying to hang around until they’re whole.
19. Chicago White Sox – Chris Sale went down, and now Jose Abreu, the Sox are working on it, but they need more pieces.
20. Texas – With a rotation of Yu Darvish, and whoever can still raise their hand above their head…it won’t happen.
21. Cleveland – The AL is not overpowering this year, if Trevor Bauer gets it done, the Indians could make a run.
22. Philadelphia – Too much age to make me happy, and now Cliff Lee is hurting.
23. Boston – Wow, this just hasn’t worked so far this season.
24. Pittsburgh – Nothing has gone their way to this point, the antithesis of 2013.
25. San Diego – Punchless, but they’ve got some arms.
26. New York Mets – The rotation could get interesting as the season goes on, but the offense won’t be.
27. Tampa Bay – The breaks have gone against them, it doesn’t look like there will be magic down there this year.
28. Chicago Cubs – It’s still a mess, but look closer, they’ve scored exactly as many runs as they’ve allowed.
29. Arizona – Showing signs of life, but they’ve allowed more runs than anyone else.
30. Houston – Not yet folks.

-Todd Coppernoll

BitB 2014 MLB Mock Draft 4.0

I’ll do this one more time before the draft, here’s the new snapshot:

1. Houston – Carlos Rodon, LHP, North Carolina State
2. Miami – Brady Aiken, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS, CA
3. White Sox – Tyler Kolek, RHP, Shepherd HS, TX
4. Cubs – Aaron Nola, RHP, Louisiana State
5. Minnesota – Alex Jackson, C, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA
6. Seattle – Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt
7. Philadelphia – Kyle Freeland, LHP, Evansville
8. Colorado – Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford
9. Toronto – Nick Gordon – SS, Olympia HS, FL
10. NY Mets – Bradley Zimmer, OF, San Francisco
11. Toronto – Touki Touissaint, RHP, Coral Springs HS, FL
12. Milwaukee – Grant Holmes, RHP, Conway HS, SC
13. San Diego – Max Pentecost, C, Kennessaw State
14. San Francisco – Brandon Finnegan, LHP, TCU
15. LA Angels – Trea Turner, SS, North Carolina State
16. Arizona – Kyle Schwarber, C/1B, Indiana
17. Kansas City – Michael Conforto, OF, Oregon State
18. Washington – Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina
19. Cincinnati – Sean Reid-Foley, RHP, Sandalwood HS, FL
20. Tampa Bay – Luke Weaver, RHP, Florida State
21. Cleveland – Michael Chavis, SS, Sprayberry Senior HS, GA
22. LA Dodgers – Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State
23. Detroit – Jacob Gatewood, SS, Clovis HS, CA
24. Pittsburgh – Dylan Cease, Milton HS, GA
25. Oakland – Derek Fisher, OF, Virginia
26. Boston – Luis Ortiz, RHP, Sanger HS, CA
27. St Louis – Forrest Wall, 2B, Orangewood Christian HS, CA

-Todd Coppernoll

2014 MLB Draft Update

With the injuries to Jeff Hoffman and Erick Fedde, I believe the player who most benefits is Touki Toussaint. Toussiant has a great arm, but he doesn’t have as much polish, aka pitching experience, as you typically see in the earliest picks.

Due to this, he’s been projected anywhere from the top five picks, to late in round one – but with two more arms down, I think he moves up now, as teams looking to grab a pitcher will now focus on his talent alone.

I’ll update round one in a few days, but for certain…Toussaint up, Hoffman down, but still in round one, and Fedde out of the top round.