Father-Son Combos In MLB History

I’m doing my best to list father-son combos who have played in the major leagues, if you think of one I missed, please point them out.

Yogi and Dale Berra
Tito and Terry Francona
Ken and Ken Griffey
Jim and Mike Hegan
Gus, Buddy, Mike and David Bell
Dave and Derrick May
Jerry, Jerry, and Scott Hairston
Mel and Todd Stottlemyre
Eric and Eric Young
Cecil and Prince Fielder
Felipe and Moises Alou
Julian and Stan Javier
Randy and Nick Swisher
Randy and Todd Hundley
Hal and Brian McRae
Bobby and Barry Bonds
Mickey and Michael Brantley
Ray, Bob, Brett and Aaron Boone
Tony and Tony Armas
Floyd and Brian Bannister
Jose and Jose Cruz
Jesse and Josh Barfield
Tom and Dee Gordon
Sandy, Sandy and Roberto Alomar

Thank you to Philip Hannon, who reminded me of…

John and John Mayberry
Tony and Tony Gwynn
Dave, Andy, and Adam LaRoche
Tim and Tim Raines

Tonight, I remembered Fred and Jason Kendall

Anyone else?


  1. How about Jeff and Doug Russell?

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